For         Thoughtfull Design
Client     Air New Zealand

In recent years, I’ve worked on  a number of exciting innovation / CX projects with Air New Zealand through ThoughtFull. This has included;

  • Designing new, digital experiences at the ‘dreaming, planning, booking’ stage
  • Developing a partner innovation approach for procurement teams
  • Designing and developing a number of human / physical / digital Future Air Cabin Experiences
  • Creating a service design approach for the development of new Future Air Cabin Experiences

Most of the design work we do at Air New Zealand is build on a foundation of their CX toolkit.

CX Toolkit
Air New Zealand engaged ThoughtFull to lead a project to define a customer experience strategy and toolkit. The end-to-end journey model (below) and additional tools have enabled Air New Zealand to frame their efforts, helping the airline deliver value throughout the entire customer journey.