Service Design Lead @ NZTE

As Service Design Lead at NZTE, my role was to establish and lead service design projects, from gathering insight through to ideation, prototyping, testing, refinement and implementation.

NZTE's services are intended to support New Zealand companies to grow internationally – bigger, better, faster.

Selected projects;

Integrated Service Suite - I led the design and development of an Integrated Service Suite, NZTE's modular home for services accessed globally via an app and intranet.

Accelerate China - I led the design and development of an intense and immersive in-market service experience designed to support companies in developing a customer needs driven approach to China market entry and growth.

Service Design Tool Kit - I was asked to create a set of service design tools for internal collaborators and external development partners. The aim of kit was to bring clarity and support around the design and development process through easy to use guides, tools, exemplars and templates.

NZTEs Intergated service suite

Accelerate China, In-home user research and accompanied shopping trips, bespoke workbook prototype, positive outcomes :-)

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