Richard Shed 
esign, Research & Strategy

Experience Vision
For: Xero
Role: Principal Product Designer

with Bear Liu
The experience vision was a simple animated story to communicate the vision for Xeros People Management experience told through the eyes of an employer (Sanaz) and her employee (Ash)

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Connected Workplaces was Xeros emergent suite of HR tools: a mixture of legacy products - payroll and expenses a newely acquired rostering product.

We needed a simple and engaging way to communicate our vision for the future customer experience to an internal audience.

I was asked to lead a small, focussed working group which included our senior leadership. We teased out and brought to life a number of future category opportunities and strategic objectives. We refered to the output as a ‘prototype’, a customer experience, which we could use to engage a range of audiences, and then iteratively develop. 

Story chapters
  1. A warm welcome - Employee onboarding and recruitment
  2. Empoyered employees - Employee experience
  3. Growing the offer - Employee perks and benefits
  4. People challenges - Resolving HR issues
  5. Unlocking financial freedom - Employee Pay
  6. Pride in the passport - Employee profile
  7. Confident applications - Connection to other services

The story was used extensively to communicate to our internal audiences and partners around our future intent and the customer problems we were solving.

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