For: ThoughtFulll Design
Client: Hammerforce
Airbow® is an untethered air-powered nail gun. It doesn’t require combustion systems, electronics, batteries or cords and butane fuel cells, meaning it is powerful yet quiet 

All weather and using only compressed air, it better for both the builder and the environment
From early in its inception, ThoughtFull worked closely with the Hammerforce/Airbow team and their customers across a number of projects.

The work we did directly shaped the design of multiple aspects of their business from industrial and service design, pricing strategy to brand development and product positioning.

  • Product design and development
  • Brand positioning
  • Pricing strategy
  • Service system development

Airbow® has won numerous global design awards, including:
  • SILVER WINNER - International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) from IDSA Chicago, 2019
  • GOLD WINNER - London Design Week Awards 2019
  • GOLD WINNER - Good Design Australia 2019
  • Red Dot Award - Innovative Product Category 2020

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