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esign, Research & Strategy

Connected Sports Experience
Client: Sky Sports

With Adeline Chua

I was asked to lead an innovation project to help Sky Sports NZ define a vision for their future connected sports experience 

I worked closely through the project with Sky's Consumer Insights and Sports Production teams
SKY Sports (NZ) was losing viewership. Viewers were increasingly opting for the flexibility and accessibility offered by digital alternatives, offering on-demand viewing, multiple camera angles, and interactive features that enhance the overall experience.

Working with Consumer Insights and Sports Production teams I led an insights driven innovation project to help Sky define a vision for the future connected sports experience.

Working with Sky’s internal customer insights team, we delivered a comprehensive picture of current and emergent consumer behaviors, around the digitally connected sports experience.

We uncovered and integrated trends, forces and factors shaping the sports experience into clear design directions and then led a cross functional team in transitioning our insights into ideas.

  • User research (Events, In-home...)
  • Expert interviews (from core and adjacent industries)
  • Socialise key insights
  • Define opportunity spaces
  • Cross-functional ideation workshops

Ideation outputs were refined, synthesised down, packaged up into a book of concepts and socialised with teams internally.

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