Richard Shed 
esign, Research & Strategy

Redesigning Loyalty
For: ThoughtFulll Design
Client: Countdown X (Woolworths)
ThoughtFull were asked to redesign Countdown’s omni-channel loyalty experience, delivering simplicity, ease of use and moments of meaningful difference 
Woolworths (then Countdown) had a problem with its Onecard loyalty program. The program was too complex for customers to understand with multiple value propositions and loyalty mechanics. It sat within a category where loyalty cards had become become generic and the result was declining engagement and value from the program.

Our challenge
ThoughtFull were asked to redesign the omni-channel loyalty experience. I led both streams of work for ThoughtFull, working with a junior UX designer.

The work was split across two separate project streams:

  • Stream 1 / Establish the Loyalty CX  Define the end-to-end loyalty experience along and identify opportunities to build a deeper meaningful relationship with customers.
  • Stream 2 / Onecard Sigital Solutions Design and prioritise solutions / features to deliver a refreshed customer experience.

We delivered a set of foundational loyalty insights and an experience framework which formed the basis for Woolworths refreshed loyalty experience. In addition, we developed a set of priorisited features and enabling briefs for internal teams and agency partners to execute on.

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