Richard Shed 
esign, Research & Strategy

For: ThoughtFulll Design
Client: Fonterra

with Olivia Dobrowolski
Fixing the compliance experience is Fonterra’s number one farmer facing business problem 

Our challege was to ease the burden of compliance and turn it into a competitive advantage
For farmers, compliance tasks are currently scattered across multiple touchpoints, platforms, systems and brands. 
A lack of integration across the industry creates unnecessary double up, recalculation & reinterpretation for farmers.

A taskforce was formed to tackle the challenge. This included a small internal team, external consultants CoCreated (venture design) and ThoughtFull Design. My role was to lead ThoughtFull’s involvement which was to design the Fonterra farmer experience: UX strategy, design and research.

Sprint 1 / Define the problem and solution
Sprint 2 / Develop and validate the solution
Sprint 3 / Design and develop the solution - Currently in progress

  • Foundational user research, defining the problem
  • Designing foundational frameworks and models and maps
  • Exemplar and competitor analysis
  • Solution validation with farmers and partners 
  • Supporting the business case with product and experience strategy
  • Envisioning the future expeirence 

This project is currently a work in progress. We are in the design and development phase, creating a suite of solutions over a multi-year program.

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